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 Unlimited Gaming Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Unlimited Gaming Forum Rules   Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:43 pm

You are not allowed to spam/flood includes double/triple/multi post, advertise something which doesn't belong to our community, insult/swear
especially personal/group attack and being racist to groups, folks, religions etc.

An forum account should only be owned by one individual.

Pornographic content including distribution and discussion is not allowed!

Discussion regarding "sensitive" topics such as personal matters, religions, politics are not encouraged in most cases.

You are not allowed to personal mail an moderator or administrator about any ban appeals, admin/faction applications, player/admin/bug reports and anything else which can be found at the forum boards. Moderators/Administrators may pay his/her attention to your forum post and in most cases they will just ignore your personal mail. Please use the forum feature instead.

If you don't follow these rules above and/or avoid a warning of an administrator then you will be punished!

Thank you for reading this topic.

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Unlimited Gaming Forum Rules
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